Ain’t Nobody

At long last, some new video of us.

Here is a song  – Ain’t Nobody recorded by Rufus and Chaka Khan.

The tune Ain’t Nobody, was written by Rufus keyboardist David “Hawk” Wolinski round a repeating synthesizer loop backed by a Linn LM-1 drum computer – But, drummer John J. R. Robinson played real drums for the recording session.

It was recorded as a bonus track for the album ‘Stompin at the Savoy’. While Ain’t Nobody became one of Rufus’ signature songs, ironically, the song almost ended up on the Michael Jackson Thriller album – Because the record label wanted to use another song as the lead single. Composer Wolinksi had to threaten to give the song away to Michael Jackson if the label didn’t relent and release it as the lead single for Rufus. And, as they say the rest is history …

This is our first video with our new (female) vocalist. Recorded live, first take – one take. The added a keyboard solo is the fruit of our ‘in the moment’, spontaneous Groove Therapy vibe – Enjoy.