Norman ‘Norm’ Sconiers

Norman ‘Norm’ Sconiers

Norm-SconiersNorm Sconiers; Vocals & Incidental Percussion

Norman a Vocalist’s vocalist, bon vivant and ‘Classic Crooner’ of love songs, is the the man who puts the Fun in Funky every-night!

While his vast abilities allow him to be equally comfortable singing Blues, Soul R & B and Rock, Norm emotes passion in his songs that exhibit an keen understanding of the human condition. They are not just songs, they are the fabric of life.

Norman is always keen to create a visceral connection with the audience that transcends the typical performer/listener relationship allowing them to become participants rather than just on the side observers!



Norman Sconiers

Band members:

Guitars, Incidental Percussion, Vocals
Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Drums, Lead Vocals
Bass, Lead Vocals

Years with Groove Therapy: 2010 – 2018.